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Time Flies - Why You Should Simplify and Buy Less Baby Stuff!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Yesterday I packed up my little one's size premie and newborn clothes, and I rearranged his closet and dresser for the 0-3 month and 3-6 month sized clothes. I can't believe he will already be 12 weeks old TOMORROW!

Before Jameson arrived, people told me how quickly time would fly by and that I would be in and out of clothing sizes in a flash. I didn't really believe them... so I went to Carter's and cleaned up during their big sales! Turns out, people are right!! We didn't even use half of the clothes that we have, and he's already pushing the limits on his 0-3 month sizes! [And yes, I might have cried a little when I came across his hospital hat in the pile... it was so tiny. He was so tiny!! It fit right in the palm of my hand!]

All of that to say.... believe people when they tell you that you don't need to buy clothes! You really don't even need to register for clothes. For the most part, you'll probably get all the baby clothes you need at your baby shower. I didn't register for clothes (minus a specific outfit or two), but your friends and family will not be able to pass up cute outfits as they see them in stores. It's inevitable, you're going to get A LOT of clothes.

Honestly, the only clothes I really needed to buy were a few premie outfits (and diapers) because no one gave us any premie sized stuff and we didn't know that baby boy would be a little early and only 6.5 lbs (especially since his daddy was born at 10 lbs - thank the Lord Jameson didn't follow that trend!!).

The only other baby clothes item that I did buy that we didn't get from anyone as a gift was basic white onesies. I liked the Gerber Baby 5-Pack Solid Onesies Bodysuits, and I got these in 0-3 month, 3-6 month and 6-9 month sizes to start.

And, I even packed up some of his bottles yesterday already! We had been using a variety of different bottles, and for the most part, they were all OK, but I definitely had some favorites. Jameson has finally upgraded his intake to 5-7 oz per feeding (as per the Moms on Call 8-16 week schedule), and a lot of our little bottles only hold 4 oz max... so we're packing those up.

Then, we recently switched formulas to Enfamil A.R. to help with baby's reflux, and it's worked out great! But the slightly thicker formula doesn't come out of some of the bottles/nipples as easily, so we've been sticking with our couple favorites (for reference, we're loving the Avent bottles and the Dr. Brown's bottles right now, and we're on size 2 Dr. Brown's nipples). I packed all the other bottles up (Tommy Tippee, Comotomo, and more!). Not that those aren't good bottles too, but we have just found our favorites.

But seriously, I can't believe we're barely 12 weeks old and we're already packing stuff away. It's truly crazy how quickly baby grows and how fast things change. If I had known (or listened to other moms' advice), I might have simplified a bit more at the beginning.

Welp, I'll know better for the next one! :)


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