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I'm Emily. I'm a wife and mother. I'm a dog mom to 3 fur babies. I'm a daughter and a sister. I'm a Jesus Follower. I'm a type-A planner. I'm an introvert. I'm an analyzer. And I'm so much more.


I've been some of these things for my whole life, and others are more recent developments in my life (introduced to Christianity when I started dating my now-husband, married in 2017, became a mom in 2019). I also have not been "happy" until recently, and even now, happiness is not constant - it comes in moments and in waves. It's something that I believe has to be continuously and actively pursued. 


And what I've learned, even in my few short years of being a Christian, is that I seem to be happiest when I seek God first. And, that does make sense, since that what He calls us to do. :) 


So, I've started this blog for a few reasons. It's a way for me to better communicate about my experiences in growing in my faith, in our marriage, in motherhood and more, especially as I've learned that I'm not great at verbalizing my feelings and emotions unless I can put them down on paper (so to speak). It's a way for me to share my experience in going from a totally non-Christian person (and really, an anti-religious person) to fully believing in Christ and changing my whole life due to that belief while holding myself accountable in seeking Jesus daily. And in full transparency, it's an effort towards producing some side income and becoming a stay-at-home mom.


And to set expectations, I believe there are a few key things that go into pursuing happiness:

  • Seeking and loving God

  • Loving and serving God's people (especially my husband and son!)

  • Loving myself for who I am and who God made me to be

  • Experiencing and appreciating the beautiful world that God created


Now, those may just be the roads to my personal happiness. But, I do think that, ultimately, some part of each of the above plays into every human's happiness. 


So, in this blog - Her Life in Pursuit - here's what you can expect from me. I'll share experience in my journey seeking God, learning Him, loving and praising Him, getting to know His love. I'll share about loving other people - whether that's in marriage and motherhood, family or friends, or complete strangers. I'll share about my personal struggle to love myself and to embrace my God-given inner and outer beauty, which may include things around health, fitness and beauty. And I'll share my travel experiences as I search to see the world and experience culture. 


And, as I mentioned previously, I will always be open and transparent with you. So, some of my posts may include affiliate/referral links. If you click on any of my affiliate/referral links and choose to buy something that I promote on my blog, I may make a small commission, but there's no additional cost to you. The proceeds are used to not only support my family but also to fund various charities that we support each year (giving is a big part of mine and my husband's financial plan). You can also be sure that I'll only post about things that I actually use, like and support, and that all opinions in this blog are my own. 


With all of that said, I hope that you enjoy taking this journey with me. Pursuing happiness by loving God, loving my husband and my son, loving others, loving yourself and loving the world God created is, what I believe, our ultimate purpose on this earth. And so, I plan to pursue it fully. 


"I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me." - Proverbs 8:17 (NIV)


"This is my command: Love each other." - John 15:17 (NIV)


"Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar." - Isaiah 33:17 (NIV)


xoxo, Emily

- Her Life in Pursuit -

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