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My Favorite Thrive Market Products

So I've transitioned our family to eat more organic/non-GMO and less sugar/dyes/food coloring/etc., plus some other ingredient limitations, and with that, I started using Thrive Market.

It's been relatively easy to make this healthier eating change at home, but it's been harder to get all the grandparents to feed my kids healthier options when they are with them (I'm sure many of you can relate!).

So, I made a list for the grandparents of stuff we buy from Thrive Market in case they want to order some of the kid snacks/foods to have in their homes, and turns out, they thought it was super helpful and now they buy some of the healthier options to have around for my kiddos! YAY!

I then had some of my cousins and friends ask me for the list too, so I figured there may be other mamas out there who might find this helpful.

favorite thrive market products

So, if you'd like to get my Google spreadsheet of 50+ items I buy from Thrive Market regularly, REQUEST FREE ACCESS HERE, and I'll email it to you, or buy access for only $2.50 to get your own editable version! I'll update it whenever I find new things we love, too.

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