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The Basic Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Products You Need

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

I recently started learning about all the toxins in our lives (which is an entirely different post for a different time), and so I've slowly been making replacements in our products at home to lower our toxin intakes as much as possible. While this transition can be (and often starts out) very overwhelming, I found the cleaning supply product swap to non-toxic alternatives pretty simple! Here's a quick list of the basic non-toxic cleaning supplies I now use:

Force of Nature cleaning spray - I use this as my go-to for any quick wipe down, like cleaning the counters and table after meals, cleaning dirty toys or kid surfaces, and more. I stopped using disposable Clorox wipes when I got Force of Nature, and even better, I mainly use my Force of Nature Spray with the reusable wipe cloths it came with when I purchased, so not only is it better for our home and our bodies, it has been better for the environment! Win-win. My first purchase had a ton of little solution packs (I think 50?), and this should last a LONG time. Probably a year, if I had to guess. The spray bottle is refillable, so that makes it a good choice for the environment, too!

Branch Basics cleaning concentrate - This concentrate is used to make a variety of cleaning supplies and has basically replaced all of my other cleaning sprays and products! I love this stuff. Branch Basics has a multi-surface option with the concentrate that you could probably use in place of the Force of Nature spray mentioned above, in case you didn't want to buy both (though I love both and use both). It even can be used as an unscented laundry detergent, and they have a great OxyBoost product for laundry, too. If you want to super simplify your cleaning product closet, you could probably just buy Branch Basics for everything and be good to go! The only thing I didn't love about Branch Basics was the dishwasher detergent tablets. Otherwise, I recommend it all! The bottle of concentrate lasts me quite a while, too, although I'll be honest, I don't personally clean our whole house that often. The bottles provided are all refillable, which makes Branch Basics another great environmental choice! (GET $10 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER)

Truly Free dishwasher detergent, dish soap, and laundry detergent - While you can use Branch Basics for unscented laundry detergent (as mentioned above), I LOVE Truly Free's scented laundry detergent! It smells soooo good, and it's non-toxic. I buy and use this for our laundry mainly because of the delicious smell. They do also have an unscented laundry detergent option for those that prefer that. After trying a variety of non-toxic dishwasher detergents and hating most of them (dirty dishes suck), I finally found Truly Free's dishwasher detergent and also LOVE it! It's the only non-toxic dishwasher detergent I found so far that actually cleans my dishes well, thankfully. And on that note, I also love their dish soap - smells so good and gives all my hand-wash dishes a great clean. They have many other products too, but I haven't tried most of the others. I'm sure they are great, though. I did get their dish sponge, and I personally don't love it, just an FYI. Some things to note - Truly Free's website may be a little hard to navigate, so I recommend doing so on a desktop computer instead of your mobile device. And, Truly Free is a subscription, so after you make your first order, make sure you log in to your account and manage your subscription however you see fit (change your order frequency to 30/45/60 days, pause or cancel if you don't want to be on subscription and only order as needed, etc.). Just know that if you cancel your subscription right away, you'll lose whatever first-order deal they gave you initially. For instance, I think my first order had "free laundry detergent for life" and dummy me canceled my subscription rather than modifying my order frequency, so I've lost that special deal now. I have since re-subscribed since I love the products and will definitely order again, I just don't need orders very often. And the laundry bottle is refillable, another plus for the environment! (GET 100 FREE LOADS OF LAUNDRY WITH FIRST ORDER)

Grow fragrance spray - We have kids and dogs, so using Febreeze (or some other smell-good fragrance spray) has been a common occurrence in our home. However, with those having harmful chemicals in them, we needed to make a spray switch, so thankfully I found Grow non-toxic fragrance sprays! I got the sample pack to see which scent I like most before buying a big bottle, and honestly, I like them all so far (especially Bamboo, which I was surprised by)! I will probably buy another sample pack once these run out, although I think they will last me quite a long time! Grow also makes non-toxic candles. I haven't swapped all our candles to non-toxic yet, but I did buy one just to test it out, and it smells great! Eventually, we will get more of their candles, too. (GET $5 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER)

These are the basic non-toxic cleaning product swaps I've made, and there's really nothing else I can think of that I use for cleaning, other than vinegar and baking soda every now and then. I found that my cleaning product cabinet is a lot more simplified, more organized AND so much healthier for our bodies (and the environment) by making these swaps!



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