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The Best Pacifier for Newborns & Babies 0-12 Months Old

Updated: May 21, 2020

When I was pregnant, I was one of those women who read something about not starting your baby on pacifiers until a particular age (or not at all), so I didn't really plan to have or use pacifiers. However, after having a baby and realizing that sometimes they just need to suck on something to be soothed, I'm a firm pacifier believer!

We were given a pacifier in the hospital when our LO was circumcised, and it was a blue Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier. We've been on that pacifier bandwagon ever since. Our baby boy is only 11 months old, so I can only speak to our experience with pacifiers up until this age at this point, but we love this particular pacifier. It was great for him as a newborn and he still loves them now!

The Best Pacifier for Newborns & Babies 0-3 Months Old | Her Life in Pursuit
My LO just hanging out in his Boppy with his Paci :)

I particularly like that these are singular solid rubber pieces - there are no parts that could break or fall off and become choking hazards. Plus it's also super cute to see your baby suck on the pacifier through the little hole - it makes LO look like a suckerfish! LOL!

And let's be honest - you're going to want more than just one pacifier. We had the one from the hospital and we could never find it around the house, or it was constantly having to be cleaned from falling on the floor. We now keep at least 4 in the crib at all times so when our son decides to play the game of "throw my paci out of the crib," he has a few spare ones to grab. I quickly ordered a 6-pack of these on Amazon, and we went with the blue and green ones for our little guy. (If you have a little girl, there's a good 6-pack in pink, too!)

If you end up with these pacifiers, you may also want some pacifier clips. Since these don't have a handle that you can tie something around, you need a particular type of pacifier clip that hooks on to these. I use these super cute Pacifier Clips by Dodo Babies and love them (I got the gift set at my baby shower, was such a great gift!).

Also, I love that this brand of pacifier makes the WubbaNubs - they are all so cute! You can see more adorable WubbaNub options here and below. We have the elephant and a puppy WubbaNubs!

If you have another favorite pacifier, let me know in the comments!


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This post was originally published on 9/15/19 and was updated on 5/41/20.

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