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My Top 3 Burp Cloth Brands for Baby

Updated: May 21, 2020

I have a variety of burp cloths, burp rags and bibs in our house, and really, all over the place. One basically in each room of our house where we might do feedings and/or playtimes, two in the diaper bag, another in the car, one near the crib, and a slew of others basically just thrown around everywhere (kind of kidding, but also not really). When it comes to spit up, you really can't have a burp rag TOO close by.

But, over the past 11+ months of learning how to best deal with baby spit up (and now, baby drool and baby food / meal time), I'm quickly figuring out which ones I tend to grab first. I clearly have some favorites. [And I'll note that I put everything in the laundry, so if it's not machine washable, it's definitely not on my list (or in my house)!]

So without further adieu, here are My 3 Favorite Burp Cloths:

#3. Burt's Bees Burp Cloths - Say that five times fast! Just kidding. But seriously, I do like these. They are soft, they come in super cute unisex patterns (which I personally love because we just had our first and he's a boy, but we plan to have more children in the future, so anything unisex is great for the next kiddos!), AND they are 100% ORGANIC cotton. I've found that I really like most (if not all) of Burt's Bees baby stuff, so you can't go wrong with their burp cloths.

#2. Curved Muslin Burp Cloths - As you'll see below, I love anything Muslin. I think it's the softest and best for absorbing spit up and dribble. I was given some hand-me-down curved burp cloths like the below, and I loved out easily they sat on my shoulder without falling off, so I had to get more! These even come with a little snap button that can double the burp cloth as a baby bib, instead. I haven't used it like a bib yet, but I'm sure I will once we get to solid foods! You won't regret having these great curved muslin burp cloths handy! Bonus, these are 100% natural cotton, and these also come in great unisex patterns (see above for my love for unisex patterns).

#1. Large Basic Muslin Burp Cloths - These are my absolute favorites because I feel like they are the most absorbent and the softest on my babe's skin. I like the larger ones because the cover and protect more area, and if you use a burp cloth over the shoulder like I do, it tends to stay on my shoulder more easily. It also feels dry pretty quickly after clean up, which is nice (nothing like putting a wet, puke-y rag back on your shoulder mid-feeding). I started with the 4-pack, but I quickly realized that I really can't have too many of these around, so I've purchased a couple more 4-packs since (and now have 12 total). LOVE these! And they are white, which is definitely unisex. You might think white is bad for showing stains, but NOPE! Mine have stayed nice and clean looking after many uses and many washes. Muslin for the win!


I have a couple of burp cloths that were given to me as gifts that I honestly don't like, and here's way. They are WAY TOO SMALL. Any burp cloth that's a small square is a no-no in my opinion. It doesn't cover you well, and it's only good for one quick wipe up. Go for larger burp cloths any time you can! When it comes to spit up rags, it's the bigger, the better!


I haven't quite gotten into the bib-using stage, but once I do, I'll let you know which ones become my favorites! :)

My Top 3 Burp Cloth Brands for Baby | Her Life in Pursuit
My LO at 3 Months Old Snuggling with a Large Muslin Burp Cloth :)

If you have other favorite burp cloth brands (or even bibs), let me know in the comments!


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This post was originally published on 9/19/19 and was updated on 5/41/20.

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