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Her Life in Pursuit: A Fresh Start on a Christian Mom Blog

I thought of "Her Life in Pursuit" at least 5 years ago when it was just an idea in my head and when Christianity was still relatively new to me (and for those who became Christians later in life, you probably know that excitement you feel at the beginning - kind of like a new relationship - the honeymoon phase, if you will). I had the feeling that God was calling me to start a blog for women about pursuing the Christian life. And who am I to ignore God's calling in my life?

So, soon after that I took the leap and started this blog. But I was extremely inconsistent and uncommitted. And frankly, I didn't really start it the right way or have a clear purpose or goal - I just dove in and winged it. Since then, I've gone through many mental iterations of what this blog should entail, what it should look like, what I should write about, and so much more. Also since then, I've gotten married and have had some babies (at the time of writing this, I have two boys under age 3 and a little girl on the way), so to say that my focus has been elsewhere would be a drastic understatement. My poor little blog has had ZERO of my focus, energy, or time.

But all throughout the past years, I've continued to feel that nudge from God about my blog. I'd randomly get different ideas of what it could be. I'd have nights when I couldn't sleep, and I'd stay up for hours jotting down notes and ideas. I have countless pieces of paper stacked up with ideas, notes, and plans for this blog. A lot of pre-planning, with little to no execution. But every time I start down that path, I get caught back up in the mundane of daily life - picking up toys, unloading and loading the dishwasher, folding endless loads of laundry, driving to and from preschool, grocery shopping, and more. Mamas, you know. If you don't make time to do something specifically, the rest of life's to-do list will naturally take over your day and there won't be time to do anything else. And that was the case for me. I wasn't making time to prioritize this blog despite my feeling that God was nudging me in this direction. I hate to admit it, but I think I've been ignoring God's calling for this season of my life for YEARS. I can only imagine what I've missed out on up until now....

BUT NO MORE! I'm deciding to prioritize this blog in my life. I've gotten a fresh start and a new perspective. I've sat down and studied His word over and over again, I've prayed on it, and I've really dug into this calling and what God wants me to do with it. I know that Her Life in Pursuit is something I should be doing, at least for now. Because I've been pursuing Him for a while now - through ups and downs, as a single woman into marriage and motherhood, and through so much more - and I know other women are on their faith journeys, too, pursuing God in each her own way.

The goal of Her Life in Pursuit is to share my experiences and to help other women (especially, mommies) grow in their walk with Christ, just like I am doing myself.

This is such a quick little intro to the bigger "why" behind Her Life in Pursuit, but this is me starting. My kids are napping (or should I say, were napping - just heard one cry!), so in typical fashion, some posts may end up shorter and sweeter than others due to the aforementioned motherhood/life thing, but hey. I'll give myself a little grace, and I hope you do, too.

Thank you, ladies, for joining me on this wonderful journey of pursuing Jesus.

With love,


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