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Best Baby Proofing Products on Amazon

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Our son is 12 months old, so we slowly started baby proofing our home months ago. We started with the basics - outlet covers and some corner cushions. And that was about it!

But, now our little one is walking, and he's literally all over the place! So, we took this past weekend to do some serious baby-proofing! In all honesty, we still have even more to do, but we made a good dent.

Here are the baby proofing products we purchased on Amazon.

If (or more likely, when) we get more baby proof products we love, I'll update this post! I've included Amazon photos for reference, along with some of my own photos where I was able to get a decent shot of the product.

Outlet Covers - We were given these clear outlet covers for child safety at our baby shower a LONG time ago, so we've used them. But honestly, I find them hard to get out when I need to plug something in. We have plenty, so I haven't bought any new outlet covers, but if I do, I really want to try these self-closing outlet covers or these sleek-looking outlet covers (both pictured below).

Coax Cable Plate - Not everyone may need this, and it may not be made specifically for baby proofing purposes, but we needed it and I'm so glad we got it. We have a couple of coax cable outlets that we don't use and they stick out of the wall like little.... nipples. EEK! My son totally sees and loves these, and multiple times he's crawled up to them and tried to put his mouth on them! He's also fallen near them a couple of times and, because it sticks out of the wall, it's a hazard for his head as he falls. SO... I did my research and found these coax cable outlet covers, and they work fine. We just installed right over the existing outlet cover and coax cable outlet - was as simple as taking the existing screws out, putting the new plate on top, and drilling the screws back in. Took all of 2 minutes!

Baby Proof Cabinet Magnets - So, at our baby shower we were given a bunch of the sliding, U-shaped child safety cabinet locks and we've had those on our cabinets for months now, and quite frankly, they're terrible... they are awful to look at, and my son basically just laughs in our faces about them. I crawls/walks by and pulls them off with ease. They've been a total waste for us. Soooo..... I got the magnetic cabinet locks for baby proofing, and my husband installed them yesterday (again, very easy - pretty much just peel and stick), and I already love them so much more! The cabinets look normal from the outside, and they seem to be working great so far - keeping my son out of the cabinets!

Edge Protectors, Corner Guards - We bought this edge protector, corner guard cushion for baby proofing (in white, instead of the brown) and put it around the edges of our painted brick fireplace, and it works perfectly! It was super easy to install (just measure, cut, and stick), and it has already saved us from a few potentially dangerous falls!

Furniture Straps, Furniture Anchors - Our little one is a climber, already! So we bought a pack fo these furniture straps / furniture anchors to baby proof heavy furniture by attaching it to the wall and to avoid it falling on him if (read: when) he were to climb it. I had my husband install these, as it did require some drilling.

Door Lever Locks - Even though our boy isn't quite at the point of being able to (or tall enough to) open doors, we wanted to be prepared early. And, most of the doors in our home are lever handles, rather than round handles. So we got these child proof door lever locks, and they were super easy to install (I did it myself!). Just figure out where they go, peel, and stick!

Round DoorKnob Safety Covers - The only doors we have with round knobs are the ones that lead to the outside (garage door, back door, front door) so we have a few of these round doorknob safety covers that work well and were really easy to install (I put them on all few doors in a matter of minutes).

Non-slip Bathtub Stickers - Our son has started to stand in the bath, and it gets pretty slippery, so I bought these non-slip bathtub stickers. They were super easy to install (I did it myself!) and they seem to be working great so far! I think it'll actually be great to have these for anyone who uses that tub, as we have elderly grandparents that come and sometimes stay over. God forbid they were to slip and fall! So glad we got these!!!

Tub Stopper - This tub stopper from Oxo Tot is in a fun color and helps us during bath time. Not sure if it's really for baby proofing, but still! Actually, if your child has long hair, it definitely could help protect them from getting their hair stuck in the drain, though we're not quite to that point yet.

Baby Toilet Locks - Surprisingly, these were my top baby proofing product we got, I think! They are really cool and super easy to install (again, I did it myself in just a few minutes - place, peel, and stick!). My son loves to play with anything that opens and closes (think: garbage can lids, toilet seats, etc.) so we really needed these baby toilet locks, and I'm so glad we got them. Even my husband (who thinks I went a bit overboard on the baby-proofing product purchases, but I disagree!) said these things were awesome!

Oven Door Lock for Child Safety - I got this sleek looking little child safety lock for the oven door, and in theory, it's really cool! It's an easy-to-install little peel and stick turning lock that's intended to keep baby from being able to pull the oven door down/open. BUT, my oven has a curved top, so, unfortunately, I had nowhere to stick it properly for this particular purpose. So instead, I installed it on the bottom of my oven to keep baby from opening up the warming drawer, and it looks nice and serves that purpose fine.

Finally, here are some other baby proofing products we bought on Amazon that I haven't had a chance to install/use yet, but I'm excited to try them!


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