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Having Faith in Times of Trouble

Updated: May 21, 2020

It's been a while since I've posted... but a lot has been going on. Just 11 months ago today, I had my first baby (c-section). Since then, it's been a whirlwind of learning motherhood and parenthood, all while working a full-time job (after 12 weeks of maternity leave, thank goodness for that!), contributing time and energy to a real estate investment business, being married (for those that are married, you know this takes WORK!), dealing with family drama, and so much more (not to mention, trying to find time to SLEEP). And of course, we're now in unprecedented times - a global pandemic. That certainly doesn't help the stress.

So, I would say, we're in times of trouble - generally. Now, that's not to say that my life doesn't have areas of good. Honestly, it has MANY areas of good. I love my son to death, he's the absolute best thing I've ever done! My marriage is good and we're constantly working at that. My job is fine, though stressful at times. But with social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and the like, I think it's fair to say that the world is in a challenging time.

On top of that, I am going through some major family drama. Which, for anyone who has been through family conflict... you know it's not easy. In fact, it's one of the hardest things ever.

Oh, and did I mention, I'm pregnant again?!?! So I'm doing my best to let the stress just roll off my back so I can keep a healthy and happy environment for our growing baby. But family drama just causes so much anxiety; it's really hard to let it go.

I won't get into details right now. All I'll say is that all of this has definitely pointed me back to my faith. Sometimes I know I try to control things in my life, and then things get out of control and I remember that I'm not even in control. HE is!

Andy Stanley (a fantastic pastor out of Atlanta, GA - for those of you who aren't familiar) recently shared this on social media, and it really hit my heart hard:

"The tension in our lives is often the epicenter of God's activity in our lives."

In reading this, I had immediate hope (and maybe even a little relief?) that God is working in and through the tense situation of my current family drama, and thinking about that made it a little easier for me to "let go, and let God."

I'm currently praying that this situation can get resolved - that's my hope, but I'm not sure what God's will is in this. I'd like to think that God's plan involves keeping and strengthening family bonds, but you (or I) never know... and I trust in his plan.

So, for anyone else who may be going through hard times right now - times of trouble - I pray that you have faith. Trust in Jesus and His plan for your life. I know it's hard, believe me. And maybe the quote from Andy Stanley above will speak to you as it spoke to me.

--- Amen.

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