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The Stories of Our Biblical Baby Boy Names

#BoyMoms - let’s hear those #babyboynames!! Here are the stories of ours. 💙

☝🏼Our first born son, Jameson, has a great name story. When my husband and I were dating and doing a #biblestudy together, we talked about the history of surnames/last names and how “son” was added to a father’s name. We talked about how #Jesus would have likely been Jesus Josephson at that time. Since my husband’s name is James, we decided that if we ever got married and had a baby boy, we would name him Jameson. As for John, I found out I was pregnant while watching a #biblical movie by myself and the scene was literally on John when the pregnancy test showed positive. And, my dad’s first name is John. My dad also goes by his middle name, and we liked the sound of John Jameson better than Jameson John. So, that’s how my son got his name.

✌🏼Our second son hasn’t arrived yet, we are #expecting him in a few months, but we already have him named - Skyler Joseph. A bit less of a story, but we knew we wanted to use Joseph as a middle name. It’s my husband’s middle name, my grandpa’s middle name, and a biblical name. Although this time we already knew we weren’t going to call our son by his middle name (it’s already posing challenges with Jameson 😬🤷🏼‍♀️). As for Skyler, we struggled to find a name we loved. We only really had one boy name chosen up until now and that was Jameson. So after that, we spent countless hours looking through hundreds of boy names, and only a few piqued our interest. Skyler was one of them, and I love that it mentally points you to the sky! A reminder to look up, seek Him, and see our Heavenly Father.

So, what are your boy names?? How did you come up with them?! 💙💙


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